Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Why Taliban Seeks to Overrun Afghanistan

As the Intra-Afghan Peace talks stalemate continue, the hoe for reaching to a peace deal with Taliban fades out. The increased violence by Taliban shows the group does not believe in a political settlement.  It is necessary to have a review the unique political and religious perspective of Taliban in order to understand why reaching to peace through a power sharing mechanism is impossible. Political observers think it is not possible to The Republic and Taliban reach to peace in the through a power sharing mechanism in the framework of the current constitution of Afghanistan. The main obstacle in terms of power sharing with Taliban is the group follows a specific religious and political discourse seeking to deepen its own version of Islamic values in the Afghan society. Taliban also has a specific narrative of Islam that is totally in contrast with the other narratives including the Republic Team.
Reaching to an agreement with Taliban such a narrative is one of the main obstacles in the peace talks process because what Taliban wants is in total contrast with other stakeholders and the Republic Team and internationally accepted obligations of the country. As a result, finding an acceptable approach for both parties is too difficult, but possible.
What is clear is that supporters of Taliban Emirate, Taliban constitution and ultimately the Taliban though is not capable to form consensus and such a thought system neither can ensure the interests of the local groups in a sustainable manner, nor it can realize the international obligations of Afghanistan which are required to provide aid to the country.
One of the basic reasons why the Taliban discourse lacks consensus building is the perception of the group about participation; the believe any participation must be under the structure of Emarate System. In such a structure political parties and groups competition to gain the power through a free and fair elections has no place. There is not division of power and rule of law under structure of Emarate system because Amir in Emarate system enjoys absolute power and there is no check and balance system to control it.
Perception of Taliban on Shia rights limits to the Shia personal status and Taliban does not reject any discrimination on Shias based on religion. In addition to this, they consider Hanafi Jurisdiction or fiqh as the source of legislation making in the country. As a result, Amir, prime minister and high ranking judges must be Sunni Muslims.
How the Afghan Government Can Consolidate Anti-Taliban Elements
As it is clear Taliban do not pursue a political settlement in the country. As their offensives on Afghanistan Security and Defense Forces show they want to overrun Afghanistan again. Taliban in order to reestablish Emarat e Islami is ready to cross any red lines; They neither have abided by the peace agreement they made with the US and nor have abided by Islami tenants as they even increased target attacking people and killing the civilians during Rama dan. In addition to the Taliban perception of Islam and government system that act as the main barriers to reaching a political settlement, the group lacks independent decision making as the agent of Pakistan.
Evidence show that Pakistan has increased its logistical and intelligence supports to Taliban after the US and NAT troop withdrawal in order to increase its influence on Afghanistan to form a puppet government in the country.
As a result, the Afghan government and Afghan political leaders have already initiated consultations with various sides in order to mobilize the people to defend the country and preserve its democratic achievements. Such consultations must be genuine and the recommendations of the people must precede other agendas.
Taliban does not believe in a political settlement. As a result, they have increased their attacks on the Afghans security forces to gain new areas. At the same time, they have repeatedly attacked civilians, schools, universities and have targeted Ulema, influential people and especially journalists in order to disappoint people and subdue them. However, ANDSF has shown that it is capable to fight Taliban and other terrorist groups on their own. At the same time, the Afghan government shall mobilize all potential Afghan fighters through consulting the Afghan political and ethic leaders to fight against Taliban alongside the ANDSF.