Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Why the Position of Women Must Be Uplifted

Women and their role in our society have been discussed and debated in different ways; mostly, they have been cursed. The attitude of their co-gender has been very much discriminating towards them and, throughout most part of history, they have been treated with violence, and inequity, yet they have not given up. They have replied the tyrannies and violence through love and warmth.
Their being is definitely wondrous and miraculous; how is it possible that undergoing so much oppression they are able to maintain their attitude to adore others and treat them with never ending love?
Nonetheless it must not be understood that praising their quality of tolerance, the tyranny that is carried out against them must be justified. Such tyranny is definitely unjust and there should be efforts made not only by the women themselves but by the governments in different states to eradicate it from its roots.
Women have all the rights that the men have as the citizens of a country. Violating their rights just because they have the capacity to tolerate the worse is the worst act ever imagined. The patriarchal systems and setups require changing their attitude towards women. If a woman’s nature is properly studied, it can be easily observed that she is tender and caring as well; therefore, she has the right to be treated in similar fashion – with tenderness and care. Does she get such a treatment from our society? Unfortunately, that is not the case.
Women in Afghanistan have been suffering discriminatory behavior for a very long time. The religious extremism and obsolete tribal values have played a dominant role in making every sort of violation and violence possible against them. Though they have been raising their voices every now and then but in the noise of male shrieks they seem to be negligible and get faded away. In fact, the male-chauvinistic ears are not ready to hear them though they feel their vibrations clearly. Nonetheless, the efforts in this regard must never be given up and they should continue in every possible way.
One of the ways to rise up and be counted in the social and political life is to strive participating in the social and political institutions and processes. One of the examples of such process is the election. Recently, women participated in the parliamentary elections in a large number, which will ultimately affect their overall role and status within Afghan society. They need to keep this in mind that the upcoming presidential election is yet another chance to show that they can have an imperative role in Afghan society. 
Showing their commitment towards democracy and their understanding of the value of their votes, thousands of women casted their votes in different parts of the country. They may continue the same in upcoming elections as well. Moreover, many of them participated as candidates, ran their campaigns and proved through their debates and discussions that they are ready to be considered active and useful citizens of the country, like men. 
Besides elections, women must also be active in other processes and events. However, to change the overall scenario the overall attitude towards women should alter and the men have to play a large role in doing so. In fact, it is a challenging task and requires the roles and efforts of both men and women.
Both women and men have to bring about changes in their attitude. Fighting the discrimination and violence does not necessarily mean that women alone should shoulder the responsibility. The men can also play an important role and they have to be made aware of it. There should be efforts to bring about changes in the attitude of men towards women; otherwise, fighting for the rights of women would be very difficult.
Different strata in society can also play an imperative role. The different institutions, functioning in the society must ensure that there should not be biased policies and attitude against the women. Their policies and practices must never be inclined towards discrimination and injustice on the basis of gender. Not only the women rights organization but different other social, political and administrative organizations can have a part in making sure that women are properly compensated within the system and are not neglected on the basis of prejudice.
In the countries like Afghanistan, the religious and tribal institutions can also play tremendous role in uplifting the position of women and giving them the status they deserve. As most of the people are religious and tribal, they can easily be motivated by such institutions for better and higher purposes.