Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Concerns over Modern Fashion and Moral Decline of Younger Generation

Afghan girls seek to embellish their world according to their own ideals. Their eye-catching dresses, pungent perfume and ostentatious styles seem inevitable. The girls evince keen interest in advertisement gimmicks and amorous films. The fashionable fetishes of modern age have captured their imagination to a large extent. Our children and teenage girls are highly susceptible to glamour of Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. deluding themselves about the lugubrious story of abortive love. After watching a love scene, a girl may cultivate friendship with her neighbor’s boy seeking to walk and talk as her favorite actress.
Their egoistic attitudes and indifference to their parents may lead to controversial argument. Although they are not the stay of their parents’ old age and fly the nest when they mature physically, yet they are not willing to practice upon the values and principles of their parents in their domestic life. How do the parents react to this fact?
A large number of Afghan old men and women desire nostalgically the simple life of old days. Their deplorable state, caused by the bizarre acts of their children, fill them with an outpouring of rage. Since their children are deaf to their advice, they do not hesitate to treat them harshly   or resort to violence. Moreover, the conservative parents believe that the eye-catching style of their daughters, such as mini-skirt and flamboyant dress, besmirches their reputation in the community. They give precedence to the traditional styles of clothing over the current fashion. Parents believe that their daughters break their moral and religious taboos via succumbing to the temptations of Western ways of clothing.
The parental rebukes are not acceptable to the young boys and girls. Their advices, with harsh tone, go in one ear and out the other. The plight, which hurts the parents’ feelings, continues and their attempts to nurture religious feelings in their children are fruitless. It appears that a number of teenage boys and girls remain adamantly stubborn, resisting the advices of their parents copying the styles of their favorite actors and actresses.
It is a matter of great worry for the traditional parents who fail to hand down their own religious beliefs and moral norms to their daughters. They believe that media have jeopardized society’s moral norms. According to them, the broadcast of immoral programs, inundation of foreign cultures and inchoate democracy threaten their kids and teens. The schism between religion and new generation widens with each passing day. Hence, our youths, including male and female, wander in the tortuous path of modern fashion and our moral values are on the verge of erosion, according to some old parents. 
The girls, particularly the urban residents, are badly attracted to the allure of foreign fashions – which outweigh their beliefs. The unchaste actresses, who lack moral sense, are perfect idols for many Afghan girls. Charlie Chaplin points out critical points in a letter to her actress daughter Zheraldin as, “Your body is covered only with a piece of silk. Because art can and will appear naked on stage, but to come back from there in wearing and cleaner … But nothing and no one else in this world deserves to see even the nails of the feet of a girl. Nakedness is a disease of our time.” He adds, “I am old and my words might sound funny. But me, your naked body must belong to one who loves Face your soul. It is not scary if your belief that is ten years from the time you go. Fear not – those ten years they will not sastaryat. But as it is, I want you to be the last person who is subject of the island of bare!”
It’s the quality that elevates a woman from just being hot. It’s in the way she walks, talks and presents herself. It is the way she radiates from the inside, out. It is her soul and her spark and the thing you just cannot put your finger on.
A woman’s body is designed to be attractive, but when a woman is revealing too much of herself in public, she is stirring up the wrong kind of feelings and will attract the wrong kind of attention. A truly beautiful woman aims for respect in the way she dresses.
Overall, a number of old parents are highly worried about the styles of clothing of their teenage children as well as their ways of thinking. They believe that the media and western cultural hegemony have put adverse effect on the cultural norms and religious values of Afghan people.