Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

The Philosophy of War and Violence in Republican front

Although war and violence is a destructive and inauspicious phenomenon, no period of human history has been free of war and violence. Although everyone including high-ranking thinkers denounces war and violence, they confess that it becomes inevitable for reaching peace and freedom. For example, Plato and Aristotle thought that war is inevitable for the protection and survival of the state city. Similarly, renowned German scholars such as Kant, Hegel, and especially Nietzsche commended war for reaching peace and freedom. They think those nations that are not able to combat they would not be able to reach peace and freedom. Based on this theory, no peace and no freedom are achieved without war. That’s why war has been recognized as a principle in international relations with particular rules and regulations. In international law, war is classified into legitimate war and illegitimate war. The legitimate war is the one that is waged in response to injustice, seeking freedom and self-defense.
According to divine religious teachings, war is not an admirable phenomenon but sometimes it becomes obligatory. According to Jewish traditional resources, there are two ways wrong or right; black or white. The war is obligatory against wrong and wrong followers. According to Christian thinkers, war is not a laudable phenomenon but when it comes to self-defense, it becomes unavoidable. According to Islamic teachings, Muslims should keep away from war but never escape if anyone aggresses on a nation. Islam While prohibiting its followers from killing innocent humans with warning hard punishment necessitates war as an obligation for Muslims in certain cases. While it strictly prohibits its believers from oppression but it persists in not escaping from the battlefield of a legitimate war considering it as a big sin. Based on all these religious and scholarly teachings, war is obligatory for reaching peace and freedom. In another word, it is not always possible to reach peace and security through friendly ways. Therefore, the philosophy of legitimate war is to reach peace, justice, and freedom. In relation to this, Friedrich Nietzsche believes if we do not use violence, we would lose the war. In war conditions, there are not more than two choices either to kill or be killed. Based on this, if we had lawfully executed only a few terrorists, if had seriously fought against terrorist groups, now we would not have observed thousands of armed and civilians’ causalities or replacement of millions in the country. Based on these teachings, if we had not adopted an emotional approach against terrorists and terrorist groups, we would not have witnessed this level of war and violence in the country. Although the above religious and scholarly teachings encourage humans for war in order to reach peace, none of them permit war without rules and regulations such as killing armed and civilians. However, the rule of war is not observed in Afghanistan. The terrorist groups including Taliban in addition to shedding the blood of civilians, they are widely involved in destroying residential houses, schools, hospitals, and other public infrastructures. They wage war under the motto of Islam and national independence but in practice, this is about three decades that they persist in killing civilians including children, women, and students. They persist in establishing of Islamic Emirate without regard to the current social and cultural demands and consensus of religious Ulema. In the few last years, thousands of religious scholars have issued a religious fatwa against the current war but ignored by the Taliban. For example, in 2018, more than 2,000 Afghan religious scholars gathered in Kabul to examine the status of the ongoing war in Afghanistan from Islamic viewpoint. After some discussions, they outlawed the current war in a joint fatwa. The religious scholars stressed in their statement that war in its all forms is forbidden under Islamic law and it is nothing except shedding the blood of Muslims whereas the real victims are innocent Afghan men, women, and children. Similar Fatwas were issued by some Pakistani Ulema, Indonesian Ulema, Saudi Arab Ulema, Bangladeshi Ulema, and other Ulema but all have been ignored by the Taliban.  Apart from of Ulema unanimous agreement on the illegitimacy of war in Afghanistan, the Taliban cannot justify its war on the basis of national interests. Before they attributed the main cause of the conflict to “foreign aggression and interference” but now that the foreign forces are going to leave the country, the religious and political justification of war has been automatically nullified and so there is no more logic behind the intensification of the war in the country.  Now that the logic of war has collapsed on the Taliban’s side, it must enhance the logic and confidence of security forces. In another word, the more the logic of war disintegrates amongst the Taliban fighters, the more the republican front is enhanced in the country. The recent national uprising movement in all parts of the country also divulges the same fact the logic of Taliban has collapsed but the logic of republic has empowered. In such conditions, if the leaders of security officials and leaders of uprising groups fail to fight, we would also fail to reach peace and security.