Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, June 5th, 2020

Everything is Becoming Embarrassing

Last week, Afghan people were shocked to see their Ministry of National Defense, which is considered to be the brain of the government, being brazenly attacked by the Taliban militants or other insurgent groups. It was not only shocking but also embarrassing. The Ministry has not provided any clear answer yet to the nation as why such a scandal happened or why the "disgruntled brothers" continued to embarrass the "gruntled brothers."

Afghan people had not come out of this shock that the second scandal occurred, which is the escape of 540 insurgent prisoners from prison in southern province of Kandahar. These prisoners are said to be the Taliban militants except for one. Tooryalai Wesa, the governor of Kandahar province, accused Afghan security forces of "negligence" in the issue. But the Taliban, in its own statement, said that 541 prisoners escaped through an extensive tunnel that took months to construct, and were later moved in vehicles to safer locations. The statement reads:"Mujahideen started digging a 320-metre tunnel to the prison from the south side, which was completed after a five-month period, bypassing enemy check posts and (the) Kandahar-Kabul main highway leading directly to the political prison."

This happens while the Kandahar prison had experienced similar scandal in 2008 when about 900, mainly, Taliban prisoners managed to flee after a bomb explosion at the entrance gate of the prison. This kind of negligence is unjustifiable. People of Afghanistan are not convinced that the militants dug 320 meter tunnel over a period of five months but the security officials and personnel were unaware and did not notice. It happens while the 1,200-inmate Sarposa Prison was part of the plan of international community to strengthen the government's presence in the province and has undergone security upgrades and tightened procedures following the 2008 scandal.

Afghan government officials and their NATO backers have regularly said that the prison has vastly improved security since that attack. In addition to these big embarrassing incidents, the militants continue to carry out their deadly terrorist activities across the country. All these show that the government is too weak to defend event itself and it will not be able protect the citizens after the foreign forces leave the country. Waheed Omar, the spokesman for President Karzai has acknowledged and said "This is a blow. A prison break of this magnitude of course points to vulnerability."