Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

People’s Uprising is the Response to Taliban’s War and Violence Approach

Taliban group gradually left the negotiations table after the US and Taliban agreement and focused on war and violence. They could take the control of some districts; however, in most cases they attempted to torch the district buildings, markets and destroying district infrastructures and robbing the villages. Even the Taliban group have transferred tanks and military vehicles to Pakistan.  Consequently, such acts of Taliban made the people to stand against them by taking guns and defending themselves. As evidence show, the intelligence services of certain countries are supporting Taliban. In addition to this, many Pakistani fighters including military personnel have been killed by Afghan forces across the country that show Pakistan’s military officials in the current attacks of Taliban.
Considering the violent behavior of Taliban and involvement of the military and intelligence organizations of Afghanistan neighboring countries, Afghan people starting taking guns to defend their country.
Role of Women in people’s Uprising
Considering the harsh and violent behavior of Taliban against women and denying their rights, women in different provinces of Afghanistan have raised their voices and have announced they would fight against the Taliban and other terrorist groups alongside the ANSDF. Afghan women are determined to defend and protect the democratic achievements of Afghanistan. They will not allow Taliban to suppress them as they did in1990s; During1990s, the Taliban not only brutally imposed social restrictions on women such as mandatory burqa coverings, but, more fundamentally and deleteriously, restricted their access to health care, education, and jobs. It prohibited women from appearing in public spaces without a male chaperon, de facto sentencing widows and their children to starvation. The Taliban prohibited women from holding jobs, including working as doctors for other women. Taliban gave no role for women in the politics and they had no share in the leadership of the country.
People’s Uprising is a threat or an opportunity?
People’s uprising forces fight beside the ANSDF to ensure the security in the country. As the People’s Uprising Forces are familiar with the area and they know the local politics, they cost less the government in comparison to ANSDF. At the same time, many of the members of the people’s uprising forces have already fought against Taliban in 1990s. They have both morale and experience of fighting against Taliban and other terrorist groups in the country.
However, there certain concerns about the People’s Uprising forces that require the government to address them. Some experts hold that they may turn to a strategic threat to the government as it was the case for Najib’s government. It is feared the warlords and political parties misuse the people’s uprising forces for their own gains. One of other concerns about the People’s Uprising forces is that they may lead to creating a new crisis in Afghanistan. One of the main concerns is that People’s uprising could lead to ethnic conflicts in Afghanistan which ultimately could fuel civil war in the country. It is likely that if the government is not able to arm and provide the expenses of the People’s Uprising forces, they may loot the people and even they would seek to find foreign supports.
Will the People’s Uprising Forces Complicate the Situation?
There are concerns that the with the emerge of the new militias in Afghanistan the situation will b more complicated for the peace talks. It is feared that this could increase the prospects for the long war and for Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to take one side of the conflict to intensify proxy war in the country.  However, building on the previous lessons, Afghan government has considered all aspects of the issue. As a result, the People’s uprising forces would be well managed to fight the Taliban and other terrorist groups alongside the ANSDF and at the same time to be controlled not to change to a means of crisis in the country.
The People’s Uprising is the result of the Taliban war and violence approach directed and planed by foreign intelligence services. The Afghan government must capitalize on popular discontent and local resistance to the Taliban to make Taliban to seek a political solution to the war. And if Taliban or any other terrorist group want to seize power through war in the country they shall be suppressed to subdue to the will of the people. It is necessary the Afghan government to arrange the People’s Uprising Forces in the framework of the Afghanistan national security institutions to be able to control them.