Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Afghan Nation Must Face the Current Challenges Appropriately

It is widely believed concept that the nations that go through difficult times ultimately gain a sense of admiration for peace, tranquility and progress and the members of such nation become more responsible and strive to bring about positive changes. History favors this concept evidently. For example, it took European centuries to rise for development and reforms and ultimately become better nations of the world. The had to go through dark age and then many wars before they started realizing that wars would not lead them towards stability, therefore, they brought about important changes in their considerations and priorities. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that it is not the difficulties and troubles alone that would guarantee a better response by the nation; the nature of the response itself is also of great importance. If a nation faces troubles and issues and gets pessimistic, it would not rise to the occasion and rather succumb to it. It would then be dominated by those troubles and a time could come that nation would consider all the troubles as its destiny and thus adjust itself with them. At that point all the doors towards reforms and development would be closed. As a matter of fact, there are opportunities hidden in the troubles and problems. They show that there are shortcomings that have to be overcome by the society members. They require change and thus demand appropriate actions. Looking at the troubles in that perspective could give anation an impetus to change and improve their socio-political circumstances. One of the most imperative characteristics of a nation is its attitude and behavior within a tense and challenging situation. The nations that are able to go through such situations successfully, in fact, deserve to be remembered by history, while the ones that lose themselves only have the right to wither away with the sands of time. Here it is important to see the nation as a whole. It is not always right to consider leaders responsible for everything that happens within the society. Definitely, they have a dominant role and certain responsibilities as well, but the society in its entirety depends on all the people. Even the quality and characteristics of the leaders depend on the types of societies and the nature of people among whom they are nourished. So, the responsibility for everything does not fall on the leaders automatically; neither are they responsible to bring about all the positive changes that are required within a society. Therefore, the nation as a whole must rise to the occasion and respond to the challenges.
Moreover, the leaders are not always perfect, and there have been many cases wherein the leaders have proved that they want nothing more than their self-centered incentives. There are cases when they are corrupt and above all they are like all other human beings and they may commit mistakes, make wrong decisions and may even sacrifice the greater good for their families and friends. In such cases it becomes really important for a nation to be vigilant and must not become dumb sheep and follow them blindly. Currently, Afghan nation is also going through a very crucial phase of its history and it is demanded from the nation to be vigilant and sensible and strive to write its history itself, instead of letting the circumstances take the control and pen down their destiny.
It has to be accepted that even if the leaders get together and form alliances and coalitions, nothing would save the nation from going towards chaos if the people abhor each other and become the victim of chauvinist and extremist feelings.
Therefore, it is important that Afghan nation must now start thinking and acting wisely. They have experienced an ugly phase of civil war and a very long history of instability. By now, they should be sensible enough not to fall in the trap of chauvinist feelings for their fellow beings and do not give any one opportunity to utilize their feelings for their self-centered incentives. Now, they have to realize that their responsibilities are to declare clearly that they are no more ready to be fooled and to be utilized by others. Their rights are to announce their hatred for ignorance, poverty, conservative ideas, slavish thinking and growing hypocrisy, not for each other. They need to fight against the prevailing injustice and all the efforts that try to keep them away from education and knowledge. They should say no to the darkness and try to follow the light as it is the only way that they can live their life with prosperity and dignity.