Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Why the Hatred and Distrust Have Increased about the Taliban?

Although the Taliban spokesmen and their supporters attempted to sanctify the deeds and behavior of the Taliban, the hatred and distrust have unprecedentedly increased about the Taliban. The objective facts and figures show on the ground that the distance and distrusts between people and the Taliban have extremely expanded after recent military advances of the Taliban. It is said that about 3.5 million people have already been displaced while a large number are leaving the country. In the meanwhile, thousands of people including women, young girls, and youths have sold their basic properties to buy weapons to resist against the Taliban. Even, the serious critics of the government have been united to resist against Taliban. Now, the question is why there has been created a deep distrust and hatred between people and the Taliban? Why people do not trust the Taliban's promises about women's rights, minority rights, and human rights?
In response to the above-mentioned questions, there are different factors but the first and most important factor is the Taliban’s action and behavior in areas under their domination. For instance, they have destroyed 176 schools in recent months as the ministry of education reported today. There are multiple reports and news in social media networks that the Taliban have forcefully married young girls, widows, and even married women. In addition, they enacted a lot of unnecessary restrictions on men and women. For example, they banned women from going out without any companions and without a chador. In some areas, they warned the youths not to wear sports clothes during playing football but to wear the Afghan traditional clothes. They also enforced men to attend five times worship in the mosques. They ordered the already poor people to provide them food and made their house a war front. These are just a few examples but none of these actions and behaviors is tolerable and understandable by the people of Afghanistan. Therefore, they prefer to collectively leave the area but not live under the domination of Taliban.
The next reason which deepened distrust between the Taliban and the people is the lack of their commitments to their promises and agreement. They committed to decreasing war and violence in exchange of releasing their prisoners but instead, they increased the war and violence. The daily news and report show that the released Taliban have either killed on the battlefield or continue fighting against security forces. They committed to cut their relations with international terrorist groups but there are a lot of reports and pieces of evidence that they united with other terrorist groups. In a recent expression, the president of Afghanistan said that the Taliban have brought different terrorist groups inside the soil of Afghanistan. The president stressed that the Taliban have not only changed but also have become more oppressive, more objectionable, and more Un-muslim in the last 24 years. In general, the Taliban have broken all their commitments made with the government, people, and international community. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan cannot trust what the spokesmen promise to the people.
Another reason that caused distrusts between people and Taliban is the lack of respect to rule of war and Islamic rule and regulations. The creditable organizations such as Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commissions have blamed Taliban for committing crimes against humanity. For example, a few weeks ago, they have killed about 400 people in Boldak district and 22 soldiers arrested soldiers in north part of the country without any trials. In Badakshan province, they enforced about 400 families to leave their homes and properties. They killed 43 people including women and children in Malistan while they had repeatedly promised not to harm Shia in Afghanistan.
The last important factor that caused distrust between people and the Taliban is fighting against the people and the advancement of the people. Before the Taliban said that they fight to expel the foreigners from the country but after withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan they showed more cruelty against the people and citizens of Afghanistan. On one hand, the people are under pressure of poverty and drought. On the other hand, the Taliban pressurize people in one way or another. Nevertheless, some of the neighboring countries have recently begun to justify the Taliban’s behaviors, but the local news and the people under the domination of this group reveal shocking news about the deeds and behavior of the Taliban. They say there are no changes between the current Taliban and the Taliban of the 1990s and so its ideology is incompatible with the main demand, achievements, and foundations of the republic system.
In general, the report-card of Taliban in 19901, the prolonged peace process, and recent military advances of the Taliban have revealed the real face of the Taliban. The people of Afghanistan have never heard any political or economic program from the Taliban other than the killing, looting, destruction and rise of prices in the country.  Wherever they have dominated an area, the public and administrative services have stopped there. They have shown no ability and no eagerness to fill the gaps of the government in case of providing administrative and public services. The Taliban not only have failed to provide public services but also have destroyed public facilities, bridges, schools and private buildings. Recently, the government officials announced that the Taliban had imposed millions of losses on the country by the destruction of public facilities. In some places, they have not only ignited public buildings but also private shops and homes using them as a war front. As a result, the Taliban not only have refuted their promises with their own deeds and actions but also revealed the intention of their supporters in Afghanistan. Therefore, the regional countries must be warned as the Taliban breached all their commitments to their own land and people, they will not stay respectful to their neighbors and regional supporters too.