Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Lack of Professionals in Parliament

The measures of respected MPs are irritating and parliament's overall condition is disappointing. Are our MPs businessmen; do they have something more important to deal with rather discharging their legislative duty? Giving a positive answer does not seem so bad. Those who spent generously during election campaign obviously had the greater chance to succeed and surpassed their poor but talented fellows.  In every parliamentary session, more than half of MPs are regularly absent and people are thankful to those who participate and discharge their assigned task with yeaning!

On Monday, April 25, 2011 the parliament once again rejected budget for new financial year commenced on March 21. Initially, it was presented by finance Minister, Mr. ZakhilWal on March 28, but it was rejected on the several grounds. After the rejection, the ordinary budget was increased from 150 billion Afghanis to 154 billion Afghanis and development outlay from Afs 65.7 billion to Afs 82.5 billion Afghanis. But the changes have not convinced MPs and 86 from total 128 present MPs disapproved the plan for the second time.

So, why the MPs are not accepting the budget plan designed by Finance Ministry? It was really nice of MPs if they had a clear vision about what they are actually doing, and were aware of budget plan's drawbacks and then advised Finance Ministry to bring necessary changes. But what they have reasoned so far for justifying the measure is not something that can be realized by scale of changes made. Each of them has their own reason and each rejects the plan on different bases.

If there were a party-like standing against a particular part of the annual budget, the probability to force Finance Minister to change the plan was highly possible. Unfortunately, such a clear vision is completely absent. If the question was put like this on Monday: why you do not agree with the budget plan? Each would had answered differently and made different arguments some of which was definitely ridiculous.

The most challenging problem in current political establishment of the country is lack of human resource and even ill-management of available one. Major parts of our respected MPs do not have higher education and not aware what kind of economic system does Afghanistan committed to. Such a visible lack of professionals within the highest body in the country is the source of many controversies.