Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Taliban’s Al-Badar

The Taliban leadership has publicly announced the launch of spring operations or Operation Al Badar against the US and its allies in Afghanistan. This announcement is coinciding with April 28, 2011, the day for celebrating Afghanistan victory over the USSR. The Taliban have not only called for the support of the people of Afghanistan but also have threatened people working with what they call puppet administration and NATO forces.

This is not the first time. We have witnessed such messages from Taliban in the past too. This time the message comes at times when President Obama has recently brought changes in the key positions of his government – US Defense Secretary, CIA chief and NATO commander in Afghanistan. The two announcements seem to be irrelative but clearly indicate that the war in Afghanistan is entering into a completely new phase. With the changing strategy of the US, the Taliban are also changing their tactics.

The Taliban besides pronouncing the Karzai administration as puppet, have also interpreted the purpose of High Peace Council as prolongation of the American occupation by cashing in on the name of Jihad, religion and tribal chieftainship; wants to prevent Mujahideen from waging Jihad against the invaders and are urging the Afghan Mujahid people to accept American slavery and surrender. Therefore, members of the Council can be target of the Mujahideen attacks during the operations as, in view of their role, they are considered official members of the ranks of the enemy. Now it has been clear even to common man that from the Taliban's point of view table talks are nothing than a futile effort of Karzai administration.

In the announcement, the Taliban have called that all possible measures have to be taken to avoid killings of civilians. This is what Taliban have always maintained by practicing everything seems to be the opposite. In 2010, more than 2750 people were killed and Taliban were majorly responsible for these deaths.
The announcement by Taliban to launch spring offensive should be conceived as an announcement only – it hardly matters. Afghanistan is under the 24/7 threats of Taliban.