Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

Omar has the Same Fate as Osama

The killing of Osama bin Laden is, no doubt, a huge achievement for US in fight against militancy, although this comes after almost a decade. Osama's death means regain of public trust to the US and its allies. What we had noted in the past was drastic decrease in the public support for the Afghan war and there was much public pressure on Western governments to pull out their forces from Afghanistan, as the war has been going towards a completely vague destination. Besides political benefit, with death of Osama, the value of American dollar underwent positive change and stock exchange index in the markets of the world went up.

After Osama's death, what all experts maintain is that the war on terror must continue till full victory is gained. Taliban are at large in Afghanistan and pose serious threats to the lives of peace loving people of Afghanistan. In order to bring peace to Afghanistan, region and the world, Taliban need to be defeated. Like Al-Qaida, they need to be diminished from Afghanistan. And like the Osama, Taliban's supreme leader Mullah Omar should also be searched and targeted. Justice is not completely done for the people of Afghanistan until the fate of Omar is not made the same as Osama. Mullah Omar is the murderer of thousands of Afghans and foreigners and destruction of Afghanistan. Whoever is supporting him and his followers is equally responsible for the bloodsheds caused and being caused by Taliban.

Like Osama, Mullah Omar and many other Taliban have also been successful to hide themselves in the last ten years. However, from time to time several Taliban leaders have been arrested or killed in Pakistan by Pakistani security forces – Mullah Abdul Ghani Brader's arrest last year is an example. There is much possibility that Mullah Omar, along with thousands of other Taliban have escaped to tribal areas of Pakistan and then moved to safer places. This is the rule of nature and has been proved by history that criminals would finally suffer the consequences of their acts. Hopefully, the same will happen to Mullah Omar and justice is fully done.