Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

A Bronze Medal for Afghanistan

Perhaps, sports has gone far beyond its classic meaning as mere entertainment and changed more into a symbol of national integrity and national pride. Medals are not any more a symbol of personal and individual success; they are symbols of national victory. Hundreds of thousands of people participate as spectators in every world championships and millions others follow them online or watch live on their televisions and cell phones organized anywhere in the world. Governments along with NGOs are deeply involved in giant investment to build up infrastructure and provide facilities in order to improve the overall condition of sports. A glance to accounts of institutions involved in sports business clearly shows how the huge amount of money channeled through sports, which is far larger then annual GDP of poor countries.

As the sports' business booms comparatively to previous year and the prospect of coming years look also extremely convenient, every country tries to find a foothold in global championships, like Olympic, Football world Cub, Cricket World Cup and etc. These global clubs do not seem to be affected much by economic recessions and they would keep continue their prolific business in severe time and also help countries to improve the level of economic growth resorting to efficient planning for sport programs.

Here in Afghanistan, Years of chaos and political instability left the country absent from world championships, while Afghan people are desperate fan of sports. During past ten years Afghan youngsters have done quite in international sports sphere. However the security crisis and lack of facilities are challenges which cannot be ignored, meanwhile youngsters have succeeded to utilize the optimum effort and bring medals for Afghanistan.
In the recent world Taekwondo championships hosted by South Korea, Mr. Rohullah Nikpa defeating his Jordanian rival in one-fourth round and succeeded to bring bronze medal for Afghanistan. Other Afghani participators, like Nisar Ahmad Bahawi, a national champion also succeeded to defeat their rivals one after another, but, unfortunately, barred in one-fourth round by their rivals.

Rohullah Nikpa is a popular Afghan Taekwondo practitioner and he was the first man in the history of Afghanistan that brought bronze medal in 2008, Beijing Olympics for the country. Having such talented youngsters in international spheres can deeply restore the currently blackmailed popularity of Afghanistan. They are able to draw a new picture, a picture of goodwill, humanistic and moderate, for those who know nothing except suicide attacks committed by terror networks that are actually are not born outside of the country and exported. Thus, how good it would be Afghan officials take notice and pay due attention to our champions and provide facilities for the rest of talented youngsters.