Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Increased Violence, Anticipated!

Soon after the death the ideological father of terrorists, Osama bin Laden, Taliban proclaimed to avenge his death. With the Osama's killing, experts anticipated that violence will trigger. In Afghanistan, the security forces have been kept on high alert to counter the possible offensives that could be launched by militants.

After recent attack on government offices in Kandahar that continued almost for two day, it has become quite obvious that Taliban will intensify their activities to give practical shape to their announcements for: one, taking Osama's revenge and two, Al-Badar spring operations. Government has put its forces on high alert, despite that it was attacked and will be attacked by Taliban. This means that more measures are required to taken, in order to counter or lessen the impacts of the expected offensive of Taliban after Osama's death.

Continued violence is hindering Afghanistan's social and economic developments. Life of people in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly vulnerable to insurgents' attacks. Same is the case with the government, although it has hidden its self behind concrete walls and security fences. The state of security is deteriorating while around 150,000 international and more than 260,000 Afghan police and army are charged with responsibility of securing the life of people here.

The weaknesses of our national security forces have made environment much feasible for insurgents to launch attacks on a consistent basis.
The demise of Osama has somehow diverted the attentions from concerns over the withdrawal of forces that is to start this summer. With no even a single doubt, the drawdown plan has made Taliban more confident in their belief of regaining of power in Afghanistan. So, they will continue to intensify their raids and signal how much strong they have become in the last ten years. In the months to come we will witness more bloodshed. For Taliban, it will be revenge of Osama's death, endeavor to re-assume their control over more areas and holly war but for Afghans it will more suffering and anguish.