Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Bleak Future Awaits Afghanistan

What we have been hearing so intensively from Afghan government is that security is improving, Afghan Security National Security Forces (ANSF) are taking over more responsibilities, Taliban are at the verge of defeat and peace will soon come to Afghanistan through peace and reconciliation process. Nonetheless, ground realities speak the reverse.

If we stop being overly optimistic, we will realize that it is the Afghan government that has grown so weak that it is unable protect itself, let alone the people's life, rights and wants. Security is getting worse, corruption graph is growing high, Taliban's attacks are intensifying, civilian killings have increased and our economy is going towards a downfall.

The greatest pitfall of the current government is that it has awfully failed to take decisions best for our national interest. It has failed to mold opportunities made available by international community in the last more than ten years in favor of Afghans. Afghan government repeats its mistake rather than learning from them.

Mr. Hamid Karzai, as an elected president of Afghanistan, must work to correctly represent the wants of the people of this country. But he comes forward and calls the Taliban as his brothers without bothering that Taliban have left no stone unturned to kill, massacre and burn schools and poison schoolgirls. Try to show sympathy for insurgents is the biggest injustice Afghan people's wants and desires.

With such a condition prevailing in the country, where government fails to address what people want, we should be ready for more violence by insurgents. The withdrawal plan of US led international troops and transition of security responsibilities to Afghan security forces – that have given morale support to Taliban – make Afghanistan's future more dismal and uncertain.

The already weak administration will go weaker. Here is where the Taliban will have more space to intensify and expand their activities. Once the security goes more deteriorated, it would difficult for the world to continue their aids to Afghanistan. So, a bleak future is waiting for Afghan people.

At the same time, those who had set their eyes on the peace and reconciliation process and hoped that the process would bring Taliban to the negotiation table and a full stop to the Afghan conflict can be put must have realized by now that Taliban are not friends of Afghans and their peace and prosperity.The Taliban have been utilizing the negotiation process, as a tool, for reaching their own objectives.