Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, November 21st, 2019

The Situation Could Spell an Irreversible Chaos

It may be strange for Afghan people to ask the government and international community to restore the security and peace in their country within a specific timeframe but they may have to come to a certain point to decide to ask the government and international forces when they will begin to feel secure in their neighborhood and areas.

It is important that they begin to take the control of their destiny and not let it be played in the hands of irresponsible and ineffective leadership. It is a decade now that Afghan people have been going through fires, explosions and all the other destructive and appallingly terrible cruelties. They have been exposed to a situation to let their blood be shed, their sons and daughters be killed, their wives be left alone and husbands be slaughtered. This situation still continues without any clear prospect for peace, stability and prosperity.

On Monday, May 09, 2011, eight people were killed when a suicide attacker rammed his explosives-packed motorcycle into a gate of a district headquarters building in eastern province of Laghman. According to reports, the dead included two policemen and six civilians, including three students. The incident also led to wounding several people, including some foreigners.

Afghan people must begin to call the leadership of the country to question as everything is becoming embarrassing. It is not affordable to continue to bear the ongoing situation of fear, bombing, fighting and explosions while there are more than 40 nations with their soldiers in action in the country to help the people have security, peace and development. It is not affordable to continue to suffer from violence that is exercised and launched by the "so-called brothers" who have everything but a human heart and human wisdom, and who stubbornly continue to hold onto their hard-line ideology, which recognizes and attaches no value to human as human being. If the current situation is not analyzed well and not reversed immediately, it will begin to spell an irreparable disaster for the country, plunging it into an irreversible chaos.