Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Taliban Challenge Government in Nuristan

Taliban have become stronger. All has to admit this. Taliban have presence almost everywhere in thirty four provinces of Afghanistan. Even in many provincial capitals where the government is believed to have better grip, Taliban rule at nights. The problem is more severe in remote districts. In such districts the control of Afghan security forces are believed to be limited to only a few kilometers around their bases.

Also, people living in districts that are under strong influence of Taliban consult Taliban for solving their societal and legal issues. Taliban's presence in large number of districts of Afghanistan is an open challenge to the government and the international community as it puts the success of transition process in serious doubts and increase concerns of the people.

One of the provinces that have been under doubts of falling back into the hands of Taliban is the remote province of Nuristan. There seems to be no or very little government rule in Nuristan, except in its capital, Parun. Nuristan governor has reported presence of more than 400 Taliban militants who trying to topple the provincial government. In the past too, there have serious clashes between Taliban and Afghan security forces in this province and so far the Taliban seem to have the upper hand. Although the governments reports that soon it will be launching extensive military operations to clean up the province, its previous attempts have completely failed to root out the presence of Taliban in there.

Nuristan is only one example. Same is the case with many other provinces of Afghanistan. In the last years, reportedly, thousands of Taliban members have joined the government or normal life as a result of efforts by government and other political figures but the graph of Taliban's strength has significantly inclined. What Afghans were expected ten years back was a peaceful and developing Afghanistan, what they see, is quite opposite. The international need to step forward with more effective strategies or Afghanistan will turn into more horrific place to live.