Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Prime Minister Singh’s Visit

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is coming to Kabul today. He will meet President Karzai and discuss on bilateral issues, terrorism and the so-called end-game situation in Afghanistan. The death of Osama bin Laden and its aftermath would also be discussed.
This trip was announced long ago, but PM Singh had to postpone it due to security concerns, particularly in the wake of Osama's death. At a time when there is the talk of foreign troops' withdrawal, the Indian leader is doing Kabul Yatra to keep New Delhi as stakeholder in the end-game script.
Indian has legitimate concerns regarding terrorism, talks with insurgents and the future of Afghanistan after the mass withdrawal of foreign troops in 2014. Prime Minister Singh is coming to Kabul after 6 years. His last visit was in 2005. During this visit, besides announcing refreshed commitment of support for Afghanistan, he will also discuss the aftermath of Osama's death, the most important development of the war on terror.

India, being a victim of terrorism, has its legitimate concern on the security affairs and transfer of responsibility to Afghan National Security Forces by the US and NATO troops. Our Government must take our strategic ally and neighbor into confidence.

Since his arrival in office in the second term, President Karzai has been making efforts to reach out to militants and persuade them to join the reintegration and peace process. The US and NATO who are on the path of an end game in Afghanistan, and everyone is in hurry, are now more than ever supportive of the talks with insurgents to ensure a political settlement before they start military withdrawal. In such a process, our neighbors are concerned about the uncertainty of the future of Afghanistan.

Our leaders should assure the neighbor that Afghanistan would never again allow to be used for terrorism against other countries, including our neighbors. The rivalry-game between India and Pakistan on the issue of "influence" in Afghanistan is a purposeless phenomenon. Indian support to the rebuilding of Afghanistan should not make others concerned and giving legitimate excuse for making allies with Afghan militant groups to maintain the "strategic depth" in Afghanistan.