Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

Senator John Kerry’s visit to South Asia

Senator John Kerry's visit to South Asia comes at the time when the rift in the relation between Pakistan and America is widening and the Pak-Afghan relation is also facing a state of ambiguity and dismay, which is not a piece of news that the proponents of War against Terrorism can really cherish. Rather, they must take it as an alarm that is heralding the worsening situation in the region.

Definitely, there have been evident shortcomings on the part of Pakistan in the co-operation that was required from them, but it must also be kept in consideration that Pakistan cannot be neglected in the way to success in this war. Senator John Kerry can really pressurize Pakistan on their mistake regarding the hideout of Osama, and can further strengthen the relation by asking Pakistani authorities to exert more.

Further, the worsening condition in Afghanistan and Pakistan after the killing of Osama can be a major issue for bringing the three countries together. Isolating Pakistan by blaming them for the hideout of Osama is not going to be fruitful in any way. John Kerry must be looking for some sort of reconciliation. Definitely, proper diplomatic endeavors on the part of John Kerry can really turn the sympathy of those people in the favor of War against Terrorism who hate religious extremism and militancy.

Otherwise, the unilateral operation on the part of America, along with the incident of American Helicopters crossing the Pakistani border and the recent suicide bombing in northwestern Pakistan that killed more than 80 paramilitary recruits and undoubtedly drone attacks, all are adding fuel to the fire. Public opinion is really inclining towards anti-American sentiments. Officials in Pakistan Army are also having an awkward look at the situation and the politicians are already angry. Most of them have favored the immediate halt in drone attacks.

It's now time for Americans to support their success of finding out Osama through their diplomatic prudence. The political scenario that has emerged after Osama has turned very fragile. Any sort of haste and carelessness in this regard can prove very fatal. Military operations alone can never win the war for proponents of War against Terrorism.

They have to rely more on diplomacy. Only healthy and trustworthy relation among US, Afghanistan and Pakistan can really put an end to menace of terrorism, Talibanization and militancy that have devoured the lives of so many guiltless people in the world.