Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

The Assault on Mehran Base

The assault on Mehran Base in Karachi, Pakistan has added another episode in the terror of Taliban who have been terrorizing the country vehemently since the death of Osama Bin Laden. Though it was not the first target of their retaliatory mission as earlier they had targeted the paramilitary cadets, which killed about 80 cadets, it was more serious than that. Not because of the casualties it caused but because of the questions that are raised after the assault regarding the security lapse.

Mehran Base is not a sort of naval bases that can be neglected by any sense. Penetration through the security checkposts and the ability to vie the Pakistani forces for almost 17 hours are the matters of concern. It must be added that the attackers were also able to destruct two US-made surveillance planes, kill 10 Navy and 2 Ranger personals and injure 15 others. They were heavily equipped with guns, grenades and RPG's and suicide vests; such bulk of weaponry cannot be easily hidden under arms and are not easily portable.

International community is already questioning the security measures regarding the Nuclear weapons of the country, this lapse would further appreciate the world to do so. From Pakistan's point of view the assault adds another question mark regarding the security of the important assets of the country. People of Pakistan have been deprived of their basic requirements because of the heavy costs of keeping such an expensive defense mechanism and yet the security arrangements are to provide the country with solid defense. Even the security forces and the assets of the security forces themselves do not seem much secure.

The point that can be raised here regarding the nature of the attack made by Taliban on Mehran Base, which seems to be not very different from some of the attacks made recently in Afghanistan by the Taliban, especially the attack carried out in Kandahar, is the initiation of the attack by suicide bombers which is then followed by extensive firing and firing grenades.

Such attacks are really hard to counter as the attackers are ready to die, and they have no intention to avoid any casualty. In that regard the carelessness regarding the security arrangements must not be exaggerated but the questions can be raised regarding the role of secret agencies that are working in Pakistan and have had important role in the security of the country. How couldn't they have even the slightest of the ideas that Taliban were to carry on such a major assault, though such assaults require planning for weeks, and the country was already expecting retaliatory reaction from Taliban.