Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

Dependence on Foreign Aid! Until When?

According to economic experts Afghanistan will need foreign economic aid at least until 2023. But that is just estimation. Keeping in view the current economic standing of Afghanistan, one can easily say that Afghanistan – in order to stand on its own feet– would need longer terms. If the international aid poured in Afghanistan in last ten years had been properly utilized, the condition would be much better today. Afghanistan stands among the most corrupt countries of the world and over the time this problem has become more severe making all financial assistance go futile.

For an economy to nurture, investment plays the role of a backbone. As we can see, both domestic and foreign investments are negligible in Afghanistan due to high business risks. These risks are given birth by lingering insecurity and political and social instability. The security expenditure is so high in Afghanistan that if it could have moved to this country's reconstruction, we would see miracles. Unfortunately, despite huge investment on security, the situation seems to be deteriorating further.

Afghanistan is a country where every sector requires investment – mining, construction, energy, telecommunication, agriculture, transport and education, to name a few. But again security is the biggest problem which has made Afghanistan a hard place for doing business. Businessmen face serious obstacles. If they somehow try to overcome the strict policies of government at hand, on the other they have to keep themselves and their businesses safe from terrorists, kidnappers and other criminals.

Although the government has failed to address the hindrances in the economic sector, Afghanistan cannot remain a burden on the shoulders of international community. Afghans are needed to be taught to catch fish, rather than being gifted. Afghanistan has vast deposits of natural resources. For centuries, these resources have remained unutilized. Afghanistan with trillions of dollars worth mineral resources beneath its earth is one of the poorest countries of the world. It is felt like the time has come to properly utilizes Afghanistan's own deposits for its development and reconstruction. This is the only way economic prosperity can be achieved in Afghanistan.