Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

Impossible to Counter Terror Attacks, MoD Confesses

Yesterday our Defense Minister Abdur Rahim Wardak openly confessed that for him it was impossible to prevent the suicidal attacks. While talking to the representatives of people, Wardak said that such attacks would continue. Can this be conceived a proper response to the wants of the people and the families affected by terror attacks? The answer is simply 'No!' Increased suicide attacks are the indicator of Taliban's shift in fighting tactic.

There must be thousands of suicide bombers waiting to detonate themselves. Also, there must be several bloody terror plans under way. And there is no doubt that it is very difficult to prevent the suicide attacks. But for a defense minister of country it does not suit to openly confess its incapability. Unlike Wardak, the Taliban, although lesser in number and out of power, has never passed such a comment. Prevention of suicide attacks might be difficult but not impossible. Comments such as that of our Defense Minister can only help the moral of insurgent go up. This also puts the transition of security responsibilities from foreign troops to Afghan army and police in serious doubts.

The credibility of Ministry of Defense was seriously stained by the last month's attack by a suicide bomber who had reached its third floor, killed three and injured 6 people. This attack precipitated the concerns of people over the capacity of Afghan Security Forces in regards of defending Afghanistan against Taliban in present and future. From the people's perspective, if a force can not defend itself, there is no hope that it will be able to defend a country.

Keeping in view the very prominent and consistent weaknesses of Ministry of Defense, both the senate and parliament have demanded the sacking or resignation of Defense Minister. The tradition of resignation is not common in Afghanistan, although last year Interior Minister, Hanif Atmar and Head of Afghan Intelligence, Amrullah Saleh had to submit their resignations to the President as a result of rocket attacks on a Peace Jirga (assembly) by Taliban.
Generally, in Afghanistan people who come to power or hold high positions stick to their seats until forcefully removed. There are so many examples for this. It would be a very proper step by our Defense Minister to listen to the Parliament and Senate of Afghanistan.