Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

President Karzai Continues Tirades

Seven civilians, including three women, were killed in Musa Qala District of Helmand on Tuesday. Five of them were traveling on a tracker trolley when it hit a landmine and they perished. Two women were killed when a Taliban fired rocket that hit a house in Khan Shin village. Both were killed and one injured.

The same day, President Karzai had his cabinet meeting in Lashkar Gah where he reiterated his anti-US tirades. He said the US has eyed the trillion-dollar worth mineral resources of Afghanistan. “Americans have asked Afghans to give them Afghanistan's mining contracts, and I said 'Bring your contracts'... Lots of mines are hidden in Helmand and from the start they have been doing their investigations and finishing their photography. But now they understand that we know about them." He once again repeated that the Taliban were serving American interests with violence to make a reason for continued stay of foreign troops.

He made remarks in Kabul the previous day saying some “patriot Taliban” inform him of the daily meetings of their leaders with Americans in Qatar and other gulf states. In Helmand, he again said Taliban “drink coffee” with Americans in Europe and Gulf states, and killing people in Afghanistan. "The Taliban leaders who are staying in Pakistan and Quetta are traveling daily to different countries in special planes and negotiate with foreigners. Two months ago in France they had a meeting with foreigners and with some Afghan opposition groups in Paris. There they are drinking tea and coffee and here in Kabul and Khost they are killing widows and trying to show their power to America. But it is not power as much as a service for America."

To a conspiracy theory prone ordinary Afghan, such remarks are not taken with context, but as if the President is suggesting that the US and Taliban work on concert.

All opposition groups have condemned the self-destructive remarks of Karzai. National Front leader Ahmad Zia Massoud said the US had contributed enormous sacrifices of blood and treasure in Afghanistan. National Coalition leader Dr. Adbullah criticized Karzai’s comments saying it was for his self-interest. 

Right and Justice Party chief Hanif Atmar asked for compromise saying President’s allegations are not only unfair, but against the interests of Afghanistan. MP from Herat Ahmad Behzad said, “When the international community escorted Karzai into the presidential palace, they didn't come with his invitation. So too, they should not leave now with all these protests and accusations."