Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

District Continues to Suffer While MPs are Sleeping Like a Log

With passage of years, the highways connecting Afghanistan have become extremely dangerous to travel. These highways have actually gone more risky than under Taliban, although Taliban is responsible for almost all the insecurity prevailing on these routes. High government officials mostly travel by air while civilians have to use the roads because of not having financial capability to afford air expenses. They have to travel at the risk of their lives and belongings. The problem is more concerning in the southern provinces while in the north and other peaceful regions the Taliban are attempting to attack foreign and government troops which most of the times result in the deaths of civilians. Taliban's attacks include road-side bombs, direct attack on military and logistics caravans and target killings.

Specifically speaking, one of the most insecure routes on which several people have been killed by Taliban over the last ten years and activities of kidnapping and looting the passengers are common has been the route to Jaghori district. Jaghori is the most populated district of Ghazni province and one of the most peaceful districts of Afghanistan. President Hamid Karzai had long ago promised to give this district the status of a province, although unfortunately that has not been made practical.

The residents of Jaghori say, the route from Qara Bagh district to Jaghori has been blocked by Taliban since the last one month and the government has not taken any initiatives in this regard and the people continue to suffer. This is not the first time the Taliban are believed to have strong hold on the route and have their own check posts. Apart from creating security obstacles on this route, the Taliban have hampered all sorts of development works, as well.

Every time the protest has come from the people of Jaghori district, half a dozen representatives who found their ways to parliament seem to be sleeping like a log. They have failed to draw the attention of government of Afghanistan and NATO to the severe security problems the residents of Jaghori have been facing in the last years while travelling, leaving aside the issue of converting Jaghori into a province. Jaghori in itself has been the most secure district of Afghanistan and does have the right to be given due attention not only for securing the routes connecting to it but also other reconstruction and economic and social developments.