Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

Speedy Growth of Telecommunication

The telecommunication sector in Afghanistan has made remarkable growth after the demise of Taliban. This growth has been both rapid and on a large scale. Starting with landline connections, presently there are modern GSM cellular networks working effectively and successfully. Even internet is easily available for the service of the people with the establishment of ISP and WISP's in the country.

Today there are millions of people subscribed to different cellular networks operating in the country, taking full advantage of modern technology. There were days when for a single call people had to travel for a long distance to PCO's where they could make expensive calls through satellite phones. Now, most of the people have mobile phones in their pockets ready to serve them as quickly as the needs are felt. A part from that, internet connections are provided to users in their mobile phones both through cellular networks and WiFi connections. Almost all the modern technologies in Telecommunication being used in other parts of the world are used in Afghanistan though not with the same speed and feasibility. Throughout this evolution the roles of MTN Telecom, Etisalat Afghanistan, Roshan Telecom, Afghan Telecom, Neda Telecommunication and Insta Telecom are worth mentioning.

Availability of modern technology in the field of Telecommunication to the users on their door steps, tables and their pockets can really introduce revolutionary changes in the way people have access to information, knowledge and communication.

People of Afghanistan are no more isolated from other parts of the world in any way. They can talk easily and can be heard, likewise. But one factor that has to be kept in mind by the authorities promoting telecommunication is the danger of cultural lag that may occur due to the speedy growth of modern technology. This cultural lag results in the misunderstanding of technology and therefore, most of the times lead to misuse of technology.

Further, the ethical aspects regarding the use of the newly introduced technology must also be addressed with due considerations. The concerned authorities, therefore, have to take serious measures regarding the awareness that the users of this technology must be having. Definitely, there are certain aspects in this regard that fall out of the responsibilities of the telecommunication sector, but at least the ones concerning them must be dealt appropriately. Otherwise, the endeavors that have been made in this regard with good intentions must not result in unfavorable outcomes.