Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, September 27th, 2020

The US Military Withdrawal from Iraq

Sometimes it gets really difficult to find out how terrorist philosophy works out. And how they are coming out with decision to carry out suicidal attack on their countrymen with the same race, language and religion, the factors which are recognized as three uniting forces? On Saturday, June 03, 2011, a suicide bomber attacked a mosque filled with Iraqi politicians and policemen and another blew himself inside a hospital where wounded were taken and family members gathered, which both took 21 lives in the very hometown of former President Saddam Hussein, Tikrit.

However, nobody claimed the responsibility, but there were widespread assumption Sunni fundamentalists who are opposing any cooperation with a so-called Shiite dominated government might have organized and carried out the attacks.
Indubitably, the current slogan of terror networks is Jihad against infidels and those colluding with them, but the very fundamentals of their philosophy are violated by themselves.

If they justify assassination of officials for colluding with infidel, and civilians for cooperating with governments, but there is nothing to justify the suicidal attacks. According to jurisprudence of any sects of Islam, suicide is an anti-Islamic act and the committer would be punished in resurrection day by Allah, while suicide bombings have become the core strategy of terrorists and Jihadists.

Once this question was put to Mr. Same-ul-Haq Haqqani, who owns a Madressa Dar-ul-uloom Haqqani in Pakistan and once was the teacher of Taliban leader, Mullah Omer, that "Is suicidal attack Islamic"? With a tricky smile on his lips, he answered that he was talking from position of a politicians, not a clergy.

Oops! When they are announcing Jihad and asking people to join them and fight against infidels, everything is Islamic, and Jihad becomes an Islamic principle to be followed like the rest of rituals. And there is nothing of politics and politicians and they do not care about politics. When the religion restricts their inhuman activities, they become politicians and talk from position of a politician. How ridiculous!

Iraqi officials should understand and notice about the danger that might be followed by US military withdrawal. Such small domestic terror networks, however strong, are unable to deal severe blow to security situation and political stability. What civilians and officials should fear the most is relaxation of tight measures over parties and organizations which presently are unwillingly cooperating with the government and with, after withdrawal, will find opportunity to dominate key decisions regarding democratic process. Such perversion for democratic process is dangerous and will inflame bloody sectarian violence, which occurred after 2005 parliamentary election.