Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

“Transition” is Getting Tougher for Afghans

The new strategy of Taliban to target the selected anti-Taliban and anti-militancy and pro-administration personalities from amongst the best is really making the government and its allies bite their fingers in despair. The political, administrative and security systems, though with major deficiencies, have been organized after so much sweat and blood, and if the key personalities from such systems are assassinated, the sufferings of the systems are doubled. Such deaths are really not the deaths of individuals, they are blow to institutions, and when the blow comes within a misery, the consequences are fatal.

The death of Daud Daud and now of Jawad Zahak are the clear evidences. Their experiences and positions in their fields, further their endeavors for maintaining peace and tranquility can never be substituted easily. Their departure has really created a vacuum so deep that it may take many years to be filled.

Jawad Zahak was the chief of the Provincial Council of Central Bamyan Province, which has been considered as one of the most peaceful places in Afghanistan and it is one of the provinces that has to be given to the control of Afghan forces in July soon after the American forces start their gradual withdrawal. Targeting such an important person from such a region is clear indication that the Taliban want to spoil all the achievements made for the glory of peace and order and for this very objective they have been successful so far, which is not what should happen.

Afghanistan, in terms of security and administration, is going through a transition period – a period when the country has to stand on its own, as the American forces have to diminish gradually. During such a crucial time the country has to develop new arrangements in order to guarantee its security, it can never afford to have the developments, which are already made, undone. Keeping the foundations strong the new walls can be constructed on them, but the country is letting its foundation decay, in such a situation how can new walls be constructed.

The questions are already being raised about the capability of Afghan forces and Administrators to shoulder the burden after foreign troops, and instead of proper answers, we still have more questions being raised. If the Afghan authorities are really interested in guaranteeing proper transition they have to counter this current strategy of Taliban strongly. If extensive measures are not carried out in uprooting their present maneuvers, the generations to come will have to keep on longing for peace and tranquility in their beloved country.