Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 15th, 2021

Afghans’ Terrible Universe

The media and press are the "museums of deadly incidents", to roughly borrow the term from Paul Virilio, for Afghan people. The man-made disasters such as the daily explosions, road side bombings and suicide attacks are the terrible incidents that continue to torture Afghan conscience as they watch televisions, listen to radios and read newspapers. But, of course, the media and press fulfill their responsibilities and inform the public about the ongoing tragedies of killing, wounding and kidnapping that continue to happen across the country.

On Friday, June 10, 2011, three policemen were killed and seven others, including four civilians, wounded in a suicide bombing in Northern Province of Kunduz when a bomber blew himself up among people offering prayers for northern zone police commander Gen. Daud Daud, who was killed in an attack on a high-level meeting in neighboring Takhar province last month. Just two days before nine civilians were killed and six others were seriously injured when militants attacked a family that had gathered for a wedding ceremony in Dur Baba district of eastern province of Nangarhar. The dead included, the groom, Nawsher Khan, 18, who was killed along with his father, uncle and four male cousins.

All these incidents and disasters are caused by the terrorizing forces that continue to stubbornly take Afghan lives to meet their terrorist goals and serve their foreign bosses. The bitter fact is that there appears to be no genuinely effective strategic blueprints in place to prevent the disasters and move the country out of the ongoing crisis. The Taliban militants and other insurgent outfits affiliated with foreign networks do not abstain from or avoid targeting civilians, which is against humanitarian laws.

Afghan leaders, instead of mobilizing the people against these evil forces, are begging support from here and there for the ineffective reconciliation and reintegration programs, which has cost more Afghan lives by emboldening the brutal forces and providing them with the pretext to operate more freely and make Afghan universe a bloody and terrible one. This demonstrates a breakdown in the will of the authorities to preserve the gains of last ten years in humanity and not let the country return to chaotic situation of abnormalities.