Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Joint Commission for Peace

President Karzai and Pakistani Prime Minister Gillani inaugurated the Joint Commission for Peace through the maiden meeting of the Commission on Saturday, June 11, 2011 in Islamabad. All the hopes for reliable and long lasting peace in the region and reconciliation process with Taliban depend on this Commission. Both the countries, as they are going through some rough experiences regarding in their wars against terrorism and the severest response of the Taliban militants, do not seem to have a better option but to exert their utmost efforts in making this Commission produce ripe fruits.

Definitely, the conflicts and differences in the stances of Kabul and Islamabad can be resolved only with the effective collaboration of not only the political figures but also the security forces and intelligence agencies, because the issue of terrorism in the region involve complications that have their roots in the operational specifications requiring the participation of all three of them. And the major plus of the Commission is the fact that they involve those three factions. Therefore, something more practical and tangible can be expected from it.

It must also be kept in mind that prior to this visit of President Karzai the relation between the two countries had been tense, especially as the result of the reaction after the discovery of Osama from Abbotabad. This meeting of the Commission can be a relaxant and can also be helpful in the future developments as both the countries can not afford to keep themselves aloof of each other for they require each other in every case. Both have to realize this fact that if there is any solution of the issue of terrorism in the region that is traceable only through collective efforts.

Angry faces can only benefit the terrorists.
The stage has really been set for the countries to take advantage of this golden opportunity. All the pre-requisites are present but the only ingredient that is must is the honest efforts from both sides. Because it is only the true and loyal intentions that can solve the issue for them, and it is also crystal clear fact that both the countries can not keep on dodging each other as the prevailing circumstances are threatening them immensely.

Though there have been such mistakes earlier but they can not be afforded on this very occasion. This idea should be inculcated in their minds that the only way to survival is a "Collective Survival", which is only possible through co-operation and the Joint Commission for Peace is the best possible way for it, if ensued sincerely.