Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Karzai’s Cabinet – Still Incomplete!

The silence of the Parliamentarians continues for the third day (June 12, 2011) in the house, emphasizing the need that the President must submit the names of his cabi net nominees and heads of independent organizations for approval in front of the house, with the statement of the deputy speaker, Ahmed Bahzad, that says,"Honorable members of the house, today's agenda is to continue observing a silence as a token of protest against the breach of laws by the government." Government has really been unable to address the growing concerns of the Parliamentarians in this regard.

It is really important that the permanent cabinet members must be selected in order for the executive to perform effectively, as the ad-hoc and temporary members are mostly not gifted with the power of decision, which makes the actions of executive to hang in delay, further crippling the slow process of the bureaucratic setup.There have been about 18 months since the ministries of water and energy, women's affairs, urban development, transport and aviation and communications and information technology have been performing as acting ministries. Therefore, it is really expected and has been observed that areas of such great importance could not proceed smoothly.

The situation also points at the conflict between the cabinet and legislature, as the former has not been able to get its members selected from the later, which is also the constitutional compulsory. In a democratic system it is reallyimportant to have a system of check and balance between the different pillars of the state, i.e. executive, legislature and judiciary, but if this system of check and balance is spoiled into a conflict that can generate the sorts of deadlock found between the cabinet and legislature present at the moment in the government, the government is said to be inefficient and ineffective.

It must also be kept in mind that the country at the moment is going through a very crucial stage, with many security and administrative problems multiplying with each passing day. Therefore, formation of a strong cabinet becomes very imperative. President must take quick action in this regard and the Parliamentarians must also bear in mind that their scrutiny of the nominated members must not turn into criticism for the sack of criticism, rather they must keep the proper solution of issue in their consideration. While selecting the cabinet members they must be lenient enough to select the best among available nominees.