Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Peace Facilitated if Justice Done

When justice fails to be done, forces of terror and destruction begin to"enjoy killing" innocent people. Over the last ten years, the terrorists have either been released by the government under different pretexts or escaped prisons, bringing about a culture of impunity. Those released have often rejoined the networks of terror and destruction. These terrorists have taken the lives of thousands of loved ones of Afghan families.

Perpetrators continue to savor the culture of impunity, which causes a double suffering for the victims who see the criminals and perpetrators are not brought to book. For the first time, the Supreme Court sentenced to hang the man who attacked the Jalalabad branch of Kabul Bank in February. The convict named Zar Ajam is from North Waziristan in Pakistan. He entered the bank on February 19, 2011 wearing a police uniform, and opened fire on customers and employees. One by one, he killed a total of 40 people and injured more than 90 others. When he was detained, Ajam said that he enjoyed killing his victims. While the perpetrators and convicted terrorists should receive harsh punishment and zero tolerance, there should also be pressure put on the training camps that brainwash the youths and send them to enjoy mass-killing of innocent people as ZarAjam had told reporters that he was trained by Maulvi Nazir Gul at the Haqqani Madrassa in North Waziristan to carry out a suicide attack.

Unfortunately, over the recent months the government and its so-called high peace council have been calling for release of the terrorists to appease and cajole them into reconciliation, which has been just a detrimental process in the country. It is hoped that the Supreme Court ruling is executed and the perpetrator of blatant violation of crime against humanity. The ruling is legally supposed to be signed by the president. The government must not think that if justice is done, reconciliation process is damaged. Instead, it should come to terms with the fact that peace is facilitated and ensued when justice is dispensed and meted out. Afghan people continue to fall victims to atrocities committed by brutal insurgents and terrorists because of the failure to provide justice and failure to bring happiness to bereaved Afghan families by targeting the evil forces behind the killings of their loved ones.