Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 15th, 2021

A Present and Future Need of Afghanistan

For a long term American presence in Afghanistan, a deal between the Karzai and Obama administrations is expected to be signed soon. The Guardian reports, "The US-Afghan talks, which began more than a month ago, are intended to create a strategic partnership that would keep large contingents of U.S. Special Operations Forces, intelligence operatives, surveillance equipment and military hardware in the troubled country far beyond 2014 — the agreed date for all 130,000 U.S. and allied combat troops to leave, the US and Afghan officials says, "Noting that Afghanistan has had no good days due to its neighbors, US long-term presence is the present and future need of Afghanistan.

This year the US is completing the first decade of its military and civil presence in Afghanistan. For the same period, Russia had remained in this country. The world knows that after Russia's withdrawal, civil war erupted in Afghanistan making environment feasible for the Taliban and other like-minded groups to come. Those who do not learn from a past mistake are doomed to repeat it and Afghan people hope the mistake Russia made will not be repeated by America.

There are several countries in the region that have kept an eye over the issues in Afghanistan and are eagerly waiting for withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan. With the US withdrawal, Afghanistan can reverse to its 90s.
Security, economy and political condition of Afghanistan is terrible. Afghan National Army and Police have yet to nurture to become a competent force not only to defend the country against its internal enemies but also external ones. The economy is highly dependent on foreign aids and Afghanistan needs long term to come out of this situation. And political environment is highly instable and the government has insufficient control over its districts.

The newborn democracy also would require more time. To ensure progress in all areas, Afghanistan needs both military and non-military support from the world for long terms. And this sort of supports cannot be provided by sitting continents afar. The long term military presence of US in Afghanistan is necessary for its stability and prosperity and is agreeable to the people of Afghanistan.