Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Irresponsible Officials

No doubt, democracy is a new experience for Afghan civilians as well as officials. But this naiveté has turned into a means for some to avoid responsibility. Regularly, for some undemocratic measures or happenings, the same notion of unfamiliarity with democratic institution and establishment is blamed and, thus, mistakes are ignored. The pressure of civil society, however, strong but not yet enough to mount pressures on those who just avoid discharging responsibilities and goes away without retribution. If the process goes on like this, nobody would acquire democratic experience and would remain naïve indefinitely.  

Just put a glimpse to behavior of the first person in the country, who should lead the democratic process and institutions in order to set a pattern for a more responsible behavior in the society, mostly acts at will and whim. On Wednesday, June 15, it was the Fourth consecutive day that MPs observed silence in protest against President Karzai's failure to submit the list of his cabinet nominees and head of Supreme Court. A week ago, they delayed their summer vocation for 15 day in order to force Mr. President to submit his cabinet nominees.

Definitely, it was not terrible if the controversy broke out a year ago, as it occurred once. Because President could argue, after rejection of large number of his nominates by Parliament, that he needed time to submit fresh nominees. But, now, such argument is not creditable at all, even for common people. It is too late. It becomes more then eighteen months acting Ministers runs that large number of Ministries; and during these months, Mr. President never cared to complete his cabinet members.

This situation is awful. Perhaps, civilians act more responsibly then officials presently. Here, having administrative or political posts have changed into a means to violate the laws. In Kabul streets, luxury vehicles generally do not care about traffic signals and mockingly cross the red signals. If they are stopped, just giving a simple call to high a ranking official solves the problem.

The process should not look odd, because if the president does not care to respond to people's representatives, then why other officials should notice and do not misuse power. Mr. President has to do something if he truly believes on democratic system through which he was elected. Further delay in introduction of cabinet members only supports the propaganda that he kept away the posts for Taliban leaders and the prevalence of such misunderstanding only can destabilize the country.