Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 8th, 2020

The Kuchi Conflict Take Lives

Once again the Kuchi-conflict has erupted violence in Ghazni province. Armed Kuchis have burnt down 26 villages in Nahur District, killing five innocent people of the area, who have fled to neighboring districts, after the sudden ambush on Friday night by about 150 attackers. There had been reports of Kuchi attacks and clash in Nahur and Malistan districts of Ghazni in recent weeks. But Friday's episode is the start of a peak in this conflict, which occurs every year in summer, and dozens of people are killed in this conflict.

The Government has been finding temporary resolution to the conflict each year, with the promise that the bloodshed won't repeat next time. So far, hundreds of people have been victims of this conflict mainly in Ghazni and Maidan Wardak Province, where Kuchis attack orchards and farmlands of local people each year in summer.
According to local people, they had contacted military officials at the PRT in Ghazni, but they didn't respond to the call for help and intervention to avoid the bloodbath and burning of villages by Kuchi attackers. Local people say they regret having volunteered for the process of disarmament, and they are defenseless today in front of a handful of thugs who loot the houses of people and attack on their lives every year in summer.

Now the people of Nahur District have fled to neighboring villages and districts, but its feared that Kuchi attacks will continue and the conflict might get much deadlier. Five people have been killed on Saturday's attack, and about 46 villages are burnt. Strange is that the police and Afghan National Army were not called for deployment in those districts.
We believe the Government must get serious about the Kuchi-Hazara conflict. Every years dozens die in the dispute between the two groups in Behsud district. This year it has started the episode of bloodshed from Nahur District of Ghazni, and it might expand to other districts. Such incidents can provoke ethnic sentiments and the country can get in fire like a forest in seconds. It will break down the basis of this fragile setup.

The Government must send a high delegation to investigate Saturday's incident. Another high delegation should be set up to find durable resolution to the conflict. The Government must make sure that Kuchis do not continue attacks on districts of Ghazni and Miadan Wardak. Unless there is long-term and durable peace, the Kuchi conflict will continue.