Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Kabul, Targeted Once Again

Yesterday's terror raid in Kabul - again in the uniform of Afghan security forces - can be conceived an attack on the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan and Karzai's government. It also establishes the fact that Taliban is present everywhere and is potent enough to target key government and foreign offices. The police and army check posts present at every few kilometer – a headache for common people - is insufficient and rather incapable to stop Taliban. People living in capital are panicked and terrified. If such condition prevails in capital city of Afghanistan, one can easily judge what goes on in its other 365 districts. Also, knowing that the Afghan security forces fail to give a full proof security to the capital, one can never be optimist regarding the future defense of the whole country that will soon start falling in their hands.

Kabul is targeted from time to time and therefore the government struggles to keep its forces on high alert. A noteworthy number of people in this city is formed by foreign civilians and army, high ranking government officials and VIPs. All of them work and reside by hiding themselves behind thick security walls and their safety is conceived as the foremost reason for the comparatively tighter security in Kabul. Taliban's infiltration of what government considers tight security in capital makes it clear that it is strong, consistent in its operations and government's calls for talks in the last two years or so have left no positive impact on its evil and deadly objectives.

President Karzai, in his speeches, talks confidently about the progress Afghanistan has made under his leadership. But what is the progress in security? Peace is the main demand of Afghan populace and if that could not be brought in their life - despite military assistance from the world and heaps of financial aids - we can say there has been no development at all.
The regular terror attacks and government's failure to counter them make the future of Afghanistan completely vague. If today no corner of this country is safe, it is far difficult to predict a safe tomorrow for it.