Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 26th, 2019

The Karzai’s Court

Special Court formed by President Karzai to investigate and decide on results of 2010 Parliamentary Elections has said it will soon announce its findings. As a
result of these findings, according to the court, a number of MPs, currently attending parliamentary sessions, might be unseated. This has been the long emphasize of current parliament and country's other legislative bodies that the special court is not a constitutional court but Karzai's court.

The parliament has, time and again, urged the President to dissolve this so-called special court but all in vain and futile. Logically, Karzai should admit his mistake of establishing such a court and immediately dissolve it because MPs are seating based on the election result prepared and certified by the Independent Election Commission (IEC), parliament has been inaugurated by president Karzai himself and as long as the court exists attention of MPs would remain deviated from important national issues. Indeed the special court has been a waste of time and resources of Afghanistan and as soon as it is dismissed it will be in the benefit of nation and president's credibility. If not, the gap between parliament and President's office would continue to widen. President Karzai has also turned a deaf ear to the parliament's long request for introduction of the remaining members of his cabinet and this is adding fuel to the fire, as the MPs fear the President is working to include Taliban leaders in his cabinet.

The announcement of findings and decision of Special Court which, as announced, is coming soon will created haphazard condition in the parliament and the whole country. The parliament which has already rejected the Special Court itself, will strongly rebuff it decision. What will be the respond of the president, other than announcing both the court and its decisions void, is quite ambiguous to expect.
The conflict between the President and MPs will only help in wasting time and leading Afghanistan toward further political instability. The formation of the special court came into effect with an unconstitutional presidential decree. It can be demolished with aissuing simple decree and this is the expectation of Afghanistan from President Karzai.