Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Obama’s Headache

Now days US President Obama is under mounting pressure, and in his Wednesday's prime-time address, he has to make a key decision about his civil and military commit ment in Afghanistan. When he won the white house, Mr. Obama obviously acted against his party's willingness of opposing wars former President Bush waged. He bravely refocused to Afghanistan, which was marginalized after US military faced tough challenges in Iraq. He decided to send 33000 more troops in Afghanistan in order to take the momentum from Taliban-led militants, though his own Democratic Party members generally opposed the notion.

Now he has reached absolutely to other part of what he started. He pushed for military surge and persuaded MPs to vote for only through promises to start military drawdown soon after taking the control of the situation. Presently, however some believe that the "set objectives" are somehow realized, but there are still huge doubts. Though Taliban-led militants lost areas under their control but they still can carry out attacks anywhere at will. Frequently, the most key places like ministries in cities mostly out of militants' reach have come under attacks, which show the fragile security situation.

Moreover, at home he is facing new rounds of pressure. The US sovereign debt is extremely large—around fourteen trillion dollars. He blatantly failed to gain votes of MPs for increasing the previously-set level of sovereign debt. The budget deficit is also too high as government expenses are quite larger then its revenue. Now the only choice ahead is to bring down the budget deficit, which largely affects military budget consisting 20 percent of government's entire annual financial budget. Meanwhile, Americans are increasingly turning against war and they are pushing government to do something with high unemployment rate at home rather then wasting their taxed money on nation building in Afghanistan. The process is further accelerated after assassination of Osama bin Laden as they got feelings that their dangerous enemy does not exist any more.

Here in Kabul, he is dealing with somehow unwelcoming ally—President Karzai. Afghan president now, more then ever, bluntly criticizes his foreign allies, as his June 18, 2011, statements showed when he claimed foreign countries were "pursuing their own interest in Afghanistan". Such an approach of Kabul officials deal severe blows to Obama's administration as Americans might draw grim picture from their Kabul allies, which will prove consequential for Afghan people. It is important for President to note that without US presence in the country; his government will collapse within months. And, thus, he should keep his secret feelings for them for the sake of entire people.