Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Sexual Violence in Conflict “Legitimate Threat” to Peace: UN

Sexual Violence in Conflict  “Legitimate Threat” to Peace: UN

UNITED NATIONS - A senior UN official on Monday said that sexual violence in conflict turns out to be a "legitimate threat" to peace and security in the world, and called for more international efforts to tackle the root causes of such violations.
Deputy UN Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told an open meeting of the UN Security Council that although global understanding of sexual violence in conflict is shifting, there remains the need to tackle the root causes of such violations that lie in fundamental inequality and discrimination against women.
"Sexual violence in conflict is no longer seen as 'merely a women's issue' or as a 'lesser evil' in a false hierarchy of human rights violations," she said during an open council debate on the subject, in which some 70 speakers took the floor at UN Headquarters in New York.
"It is rightly viewed as legitimate threat to security and durable peace that requires an operational security and justice response, in addition to ensuring multi-dimensional services for survivors of such crimes," Mohammed said.
A robust legislative framework is now in place, including a series of precise Security Council resolutions with new tools to drive change and progress, she noted.

Sexual violence is increasingly used as a tactic of terrorism, employed by extremist groups in places like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and Mali to advance their military, economic and ideological ends. (Xinhua)