Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Macron Calls for New Israeli-Palestinian Talks

Macron Calls for  New Israeli-Palestinian Talks

PARIS - French President Emmanuel Macron has called for new Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to create two independent states.
After meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris, Macron said that “everything should be done so that negotiations restart” with the aim of reaching a two-state solution, as the international community has long sought.
Macron also condemned an attack last week that killed two Israeli police officers at a Jerusalem shrine revered by Jews and Muslims.
Macron’s office said he is concerned about Israel’s security but also about growing Jewish settlement building, and worried that Netanyahu is backing away from commitment to a two-state solution.
The two leaders also discussed fighting extremism in Syria and elsewhere, and improving economic cooperation.
French President Emmanuel Macron has denounced his country’s collaboration in the Holocaust, lashing out at those who still downplay the French role in sending tens of thousands of Jews to death.
Commemorating 75 years since a mass roundup of French Jews outside of Paris, Macron insisted that “it was indeed France that organized this.” He said “not a single German” was directly involved, but French police collaborating with the Nazis. (AP)