Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Under Pressure, France’s Macron Puts Off Cabinet Reshuffle

Under Pressure, France’s Macron Puts Off  Cabinet Reshuffle

PARIS - French President Emmanuel Macron postponed a planned government reshuffle on Wednesday, prompting new questions about the depth of political experience in his party and his own ability to keep his administration on track after several resignations.
The president and his prime minister have been weighing the reshuffle for a week following the departure of three ministers since late August, resignations that have challenged Macron’s authority and stalled his reform ambitions.
The 40-year-old faces multiple challenges in carrying out a significant revamp. Not only must he try to maintain the left-right balance that he made a hallmark of his centrist movement, but he must find strong candidates from among a relatively shallow and inexperienced pool of loyalists.
“The president wishes to take all the time necessary to draw up a team in a calm and professional way,” the Elysee Palace said.
Ministers had expected the rejig before a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning. But in the event, the Elysee said it would not happen until after Macron returns from a visit to Armenia late on Friday.
Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire canceled traveling to Bali for an International Monetary Fund gathering to attend the cabinet session.
Macron’s popularity has sunk in recent months, falling to below 30 percent, as voters express frustration with a leader they often regard as arrogant and supportive of policies that benefit the wealthy. Impatience has also grown with the sluggish pace of economic growth and job creation. Opponents branded the reshuffle a “tragic-comedy” that exposed a shortage of political experience in the ruling party. (Reuters)