Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, August 7th, 2020

Johnson Accuses EU of Making it Impossible to Leave With a Deal

Johnson Accuses EU of Making  it Impossible to Leave With a Deal

LONDON - A Number 10 source said German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made it clear that the chances of an agreement are overwhelmingly unlikely ’.
Downing Street has accused Brussels of making it impossible for Britain to leave the European Union with a deal .
Following a call between Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel, a Number 10 source said the German Chancellor had made it clear that the EU had taken a new position following the tabling of the latest UK plan last week .
She made clear a deal is overwhelmingly unlikely and she thinks the EU has a veto on us leaving the customs union ,” the source, quoted by Sky News, said .
Mrs Merkel is said to have told the Prime Minister that Northern Ireland is the UK s special problem and that the Irish Republic must at least have a veto on it leaving the customs union .
It was a very useful clarifying moment in all sorts of ways ,” the source said . “If this represents a new established position, then it means a deal is essentially impossible, not just now but ever . “It also made clear that they are willing to torpedo the Good Friday Agreement .”
(Belfast Telegraph )