Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily Vows to ‘Fight on’ After Lai’s Arrest

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily Vows to  ‘Fight on’ After Lai’s Arrest

Hong Kong's Apple Daily has responded with defiance to the arrest of its owner under a new national security law imposed by Beijing, promising to "fight on" in a front-page headline over an image of Jimmy Lai in handcuffs.
Readers queued from the early hours of Tuesday to get copies of the pro-democracy newspaper, a day after police raided its offices and took Lai into detention, the highest-profile arrest so far under the new national security law.
More than 500,000 copies were printed, up from the usual 100,000, the newspaper said on its website.
"Yesterday will not be the darkest day for Apple Daily as the subsequent nuisances, suppression and arrests will continue to induce fear in us," it wrote in an editorial.
"Nevertheless, the prayers and encouragement of many readers and writers make us believe that as long as there are readers, there will be writers, and that Apple Daily shall certainly fight on."
Dozens of people queued for the paper in the working-class neighbourhood of Mong Kok as early as 2am. Some vendors said they sold out during the morning rush hour.
"What the police did yesterday interfered with press freedom brutally," Kim Yau told Reuters news agency as she bought a copy.
"All Hong Kongers with a conscience have to support Hong Kong today, support Apple Daily."
One restaurant owner bought 50 copies at a newsstand in Mong Kok, saying he planned to give them away for free.
"Since the government doesn't allow Apple Daily to survive, then we as Hong Kongers have to save it ourselves," the man, who gave his surname as Ng, told AFP.
It accused the UK of "supporting anti-China elements seeking to disrupt Hong Kong" and interfering in its internal affairs. (Aljazeera)