Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

USA, Turkey Running Out of Patience with Syrian Regime: Biden

USA, Turkey Running Out of Patience with  Syrian Regime: Biden

ISTANBUL - The US and Turkey are running out of patience with President Bashar Al-Assad's behavior toward the pro-democracy protesters, US Vice-President Joe Biden said Saturday.
"(The United States stands with Turkey) in growing out of patience and calling for President Assad to step aside," said Biden, addressing a summit in Istanbul to foster private sector success in the Arab world.

The senior US official applauded the United Nations Human Rights Council's condemnation of the Syrian regime's brutal repression of protesters.
Biden also described the Syrian regime as a threat to the regional stability.

"Assad and his regime are the source of instability in Syria now and pose the greatest danger to fanning the flames of sectarian conflict not only in Syria but beyond," declared Biden.
Meanwhile, the vice president criticized Iran, saying the Islamic republic is increasingly isolated in the region due to its "outrageous actions."

Biden cited Iran's "refusal to come clean on its nuclear program and its violations of the non-proliferation treaty, the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, the assault on the British embassy in Tehran, the threat to Turkey and the NATO radar system, and so forth." (KUNA)