Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, January 21st, 2019

India Urges USto Remain Engaged in Afghanistan

India Urges USto Remain Engaged in Afghanistan

It's necessary for US to factor in Afghanistan's ground realities: Krishna

NEW DHELI - Concerned over the security situation in South Asia and a Taliban re-emergence after troops pullout from Afghanistan by the United States, India has appealed to the US to remain involved in Afghanistan in accordance with the comfort of the war-torn nation. Indian External Affairs Minister S M Krishna in a joint press interaction with visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's said on Tuesday that the ground reality in Afghanistan necessitates US and other nations to remain involved there.

"We have impressed upon the United States and other countries who have their presence in Afghanistan that it is a necessity for them to continue in Afghanistan depending upon the comfort level of the government of Afghanistan its president Mr Karzai," Krishna told reporters at the post India-US strategic talk joint press meet with Clinton.

"It is necessary for United States to factor in Afghanistan's ground realities," he said, arguing with USA that it is important for Afghanistan to be in a position to defend itself against the terrorism sponsored by the Taliban.

"So I think in the larger interest of the vision it is necessary for United States to work closely with President Karzai and the Government of Afghanistan and thereby create conditions where terrorists do not make any more advances in Afghanistan."

India is concerned over the decision of USA to pull out from Afghanistan which it says could hurt India with the aggrandizement of the Taliban's and create uncertainty in Afghanistan. (IBNS)