Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Taliban Had Demanded 5 Million before Stoning Rokhshana

Taliban Had Demanded 5 Million before Stoning Rokhshana

KABUL - Taliban had asked for 5 million Afghanis in order to free the 19-year-old Rokhshana who they later stoned to death on the accusation of eloping with a man after her family failed to manage the ransom in western Ghor province, said the local officials on Monday.

"Within two hours after capturing Rokhshana, Taliban went to her father and warned him to pay 50 lakhs [5 million] Afghanis or they will kill her daughter," said Gen. Mohammad Hanif Nuristani, director of National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Ghor.

After Rokhshana's father failed to manage the ransom, the Taliban stoned the woman to death, he added.

But the religious scholars and locals of Ghor said the Taliban stoned Rokhshana without having any evidence to proof the accusation of adultery against her.

According to them, Rokhshana was only 13 when her parents forcibly married her to a man who had lost his hands and legs.

But she refused to accept her parents' decision and eloped with a boy of her age to Saghar district, before they were arrested by the forces who handed them over to their parents.

The second time, it was again Rokhshana's father who forced her 19-year-old daughter to marry an old person which then resulted in her escape with another local, Gull Mohammad, to Murghab district.

According to religious scholars, there were strong evidences to proof that Rokhsahana was forced to marry that old man which they said was an un-Islamic act.

"Once again she was forced to marry but she didn't accept. There are footages showing her to say that 'I don't accept this marriage'," said Mawlavi Mohammad Musa Kalim, deputy head of Ghor Ulema Council.

But a local Taliban commander Mullah Yousuf – who failed after many attempts to marry Rokhshana to his brother – captured Rokhshana and handed her over to other Taliban members.

Meanwhile, another local Taliban member Mullah Hashim decreed the stoning of Rokhshana after her family failed to pay the ransom.

They also called Rokhshana's father to attend her public execution in a village, 40 kilometers from Firozkoh, the provincial capital.

The local religious leaders said Rokhshana was stoned by a group of people who were criminals themselves.

They called on the government to bring the perpetrators of the inhumane act to justice.

"If government doesn't arrest those who stoned Rokhshana, they will carry out more heinous crimes," said Hamidullah Mutahid, a member of Ghor Ulema Council.

They called the stoning contrary to Islamic teachings and demanded for quick response of government. (Tolonews)