Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

MPs Demonstrate Against Pollution Problem

MPs Demonstrate Against  Pollution Problem

KABUL - Parliament Members (MPs) on Saturday demonstrated outside parliament over government’s inaction to control the sharp rise in pollution over Kabul city.
“Government has an obligation to stop importing poor quality fuel. Government also has an obligation to develop Kabul city’s canalization system,” said Mohammad Abda, an MP.
Speaker of the house, Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi, said the high level of pollution is causing serious health problems for residents in the capital and called on officials to take action in this regard.
“Government has not carried out its duty of keeping the air clean; therefore, we warn government to take action against the polluted air in Kabul,” Ibrahimi said.
According to MPs, the use of sub-standard fuel in motor vehicles and the use of fossil fuel in homes and businesses are key reasons for the pollution problem.
“Through this small demonstration, we wanted to make the officials aware of their duties. We summoned government officials many times, but they did not take action and their responses were never convincing,” said MP Fawzia Kofi.
The National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) meanwhile said air pollution will improve if government provides the people with constant access to electricity, decreases the price of fuel and helps Kabul residents improve their financial situation so as to be able to afford decent fuel.
“According to NEPA strategic plan, at least 25 percent of air pollution will decrease by 2020 as the city roads will be asphalted,” said Ghulam Mohammad Malikyar, deputy director of NEPA.

This comes after Kabul last had decent rain to clear the air three months ago. Despite being well and truly into winter, no snow has yet fallen.  (Tolonews)