Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 18th, 2018

Municipality-Appointed Reps Accused of Bribery

Municipality-Appointed  Reps Accused of Bribery

KABUL - Some local representatives appointed by the Kabul Municipality have allegedly been asking residents for money for the approval of necessary documents, such as identity cards.
Identity cards, school documents, property deeds, rental papers in a particular locality, must have signatures and approval of local representatives appointed by the municipality, called Wakeel-i-Guzar in local parlance.
Hussain, 40, a resident of Kart-i-Sakhi locality in the third municipality district, told Pajhwok Afghan News the representative in his area had demanded 300 afghanis to stump and sign his application for the ID card.
“Finally, I convinced him to accept 150 afghanis for stumping and signing my tazkira application,” Hussain said, asking the municipality to define the duties of local representatives and monitor their activities.
Asadullah, 27, hailing from the eighth municipality district, claimed: “A local representative asked me for 1,000 afghanis to endorse my house ownership documents.” He lambasted the municipality for not keeping a check on local representatives.
Asadullah sought a clarification from the municipality if it had allowed local representatives to seek money from people for such things. He ripped city fathers for failing to keep an eye on these representatives.
Mohammad Imran, belonging to the 11th municipality district, believed the practice amounted to bribery as the involvement of local representative was illegal and had no mention in any law. The government had no check on their activities, he complained.
But Ahmad Nawab, a local representative from the eighth municipality district, insisted they had been appointed by residents. He said the local representatives appointed by the municipality helped resolve local disputes, approved documents and conveyed residents' issues to authorities.
He said the municipality ignored the issue due to the services rendered by the local representatives. But at the same times, he acknowledged, some representatives misused the opportunity and asked applicants for money.
Abdul Qader Arzo, spokesman for the Kabul Municipality, said responsibilities of the representatives had not been defined. He said the municipality was working on outlining the duties of the local representatives.
Arzo said 722 municipal representatives were active in 22 different areas. The spokesman asked residents to call the municipality on 155 in case of any complaint in this regard. (Pajhwok)