Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Ghani Vows to Overcome Corruption in Defense Ministry

Ghani Vows to  Overcome Corruption in Defense Ministry

KABUL - President Ashraf Ghani said on Monday at a ceremony at the Ministry of Defense that government has started a campaign to fight the endemic corruption in the ministry in order to curb the high casualty toll among security forces. 
In doing so, would show them respect for the sacrifices they make every day to defend the country, he said. 
“Corruption is [one of the] reasons behind high casualties among the security forces and this is not acceptable for me or for the soldiers,” Ghani said. 
Meanwhile, the president announced the handing over of apartments to 14 families of martyred security force members. 
Also, he provided cash to at least 100 families of martyred Afghan soldiers. 
He said government is committed to supporting these families.  In a message to anti-government armed groups, Ghani said Afghanistan will become their graveyard if they refuse to join the peace process. 
“You [insurgents] rejected the peace talks in the past two years. If you continue to follow the wrong path, the country will become your graveyard,” he stated.  The Chief of Army Staff, Qadam Shah Shahim, meanwhile said they will leave no stone unturned to reduce casualties and they will continue to support families of martyred Afghan National Army soldiers. “We will do our best to reduce security forces’ causalities and protect martyrs and disabled soldiers’ families,” he said.  Meanwhile, these families urged government to address their challenges. “Government is responsible to protect and support martyrs families,” an army soldier said.  (Tolonews)