Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 18th, 2018

Fuel, Sugar Prices Down in Kabul

Fuel, Sugar Prices  Down in Kabul

KABUL - The prices of fuel and sugar have edged down while other items’ rates remain steady during the ongoing week in the capital Kabul, market source said Saturday.
Abdul Hadi, a worker at Wazir Abad Fuel Station, told Pajhwok Afghan News that price of a litre of petrol dropped from 46 Afghanis to 45 Afghanis and the same quantity of diesel from 42afs to 41afs this week.
Sayed Islam, a firewood seller in Charahi-i-Shahid area, said 560 kilograms of peeled oak was counted for 6,800afs and the same quantity of cedar for 6,600afs, the same prices of last week’s.
Meanwhile, Ahmad Siyar, a gas seller in Kolala Poshta, also said the rate of gas remained steady at 50afs per kilogram.
In food items, the price of only sugar has dipped.
Food Traders Union head Fazal Rahman, said that the price of 49kg of Pakistani sugar has decreased from 2,320afs to 2,270afs due to its high imports.
But he said the prices of other food items remain unchanged. he said a 49kg bag of Kazakhstani flour cost 1,150afs, 16-kg tin of Khurshid ghee 1,100afs and a 24.5kg bag of Pakistani rice was priced at 1,550afs.
Haji Rahmatullah, a tea seller in Kabul Mandavi, said a kilogram of Madina green tea cost 240afs and the same amount of African black tea 260afs, the same rates as of last week’s.
Ahmad Sharif Malik, who owns a grocery store in Taimani neighborhood, said, 49kg of Kazakhstani flour was sold for 1,250afs, 49kg sack of Pakistani sugar for 2,350afs, 16-litre tin of Khurshid ghee for 1,180afs, 24.5kg sack of Pakistani rice for 1,700afs, a kilo of Madina green tea for 280afs and the same quantity of African black tea for 300afs -- higher than wholesale prices.
Gold prices also remain steady this week. Mohammad Fawad, a jeweller in Timor Shahi area, said one gram of Arabian gold cost 2 2,250afs and the same quantity of Russian variety 1,750afs.
According to moneychangers’ union in Sara-i-Shahzada, one US dollar accounted for 68.85afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees for 615afs against last week's rates of 66.80afs and 613afs. (Pajhwok)