Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 18th, 2018

Tehran Threatens Counter Sanctions in Wrestle with Washington

Tehran Threatens  Counter Sanctions in Wrestle with Washington

TEHRAN - Iran will counter the fresh sanctions the United States has imposed against entities and individuals involved in its ballistic missile program, Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.
The U.S. sanctions, which came days after Iran conducted a ballistic missile test, are "inconsistent with the U.S. commitments and in contradiction with the spirit of the UN Resolution 2231," it said.
Iran "will counteract any measure which targets the national interests of the Iranians."
"Iran will also exercise legal restrictions on some U.S. individuals and companies who have the role in formation of and assistance to the extremist and terrorist groups in the region," it said, adding that related names will be announced shortly.
Meanwhile, Iran again defended its missile launch as being part of its deterrent policy.
"Developing missile capabilities of the country, which is solely designed for defensive purposes and carrying the conventional weapons, is the international right of the Iranians based on the UN charter," it said, reiterating that Iran's security is non-negotiable.
UN Security Council Resolution 2231, adopted in July 2015 to endorse a nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, opposes Iranian activities related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology. (Xinhua)