Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 23rd, 2018

DABS Owed 6bn Afs in Unpaid Electricity Bills

DABS Owed 6bn Afs in  Unpaid Electricity Bills

KABUL - A list sent to the media by Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat (DABS) has revealed that a number of companies, government offices and officials owe a total of at least six billion Afs in unpaid electricity bills.
Among those listed as being in arrears is First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum. Also on the list are a number of MPs and influential and political figures - who collectively owe the company at least three billion Afs.
Breshna spokesman Wahidullah Tawhidi said a number of powerful figures are not paying their bills and when DABS officials try to disconnect their power, they physically stop them. 
“We have cut off their electricity many times but unfortunately they reconnect it - with the force of weapons - and they are not making any bid to pay off their electricity bills,” he said.
Tawhidi stated the Ministry of Finance also owes a substantial amount of money but has promised to pay 15 percent of its debt. 
Ajmal Hamid, spokesman for the Finance Ministry said they are taking steps to rectify this.
“This debt is from past years. We will collect information and will take steps to pay the money,” he said.
According to DABS, the two biggest offenders are the Yasir Nabizada Company and Dostum.
DABS said Yasir Nabizada Company owes at least 40 million Afs and Dostum owes more than 33 million Afs.
The first vice president’s office would not comment on the issue. (Tolonews)